Open Post 1


A little black out poem that I crafted with students during lunch this past Celebrate Literacy Week.  Your open post doesn’t just need to be writing on the digital page.  It could be writing or art you have done in a different medium.

I love the open post!  You never know what students will share such as a poem, a short story, a song, a video (food vlog), a photo-essay, or a puzzle.  They also share advice about life, movies, and teaching. With my students blogging became a place to practice craft and work on their writing voice.  It also became a place to share their interests and expertise. Having this space made them more comfortable with our academic writing and with each other.  Sometimes people freeze with an open post. What do I post? How will people respond?  Are my words worthy?  This is a space for you to get feedback and to practice.  I look for to your posts!


38 thoughts on “Open Post 1

  1. I love the artistic poem you posted Dr. Scanlon. It is amazing to see the endless creativity and mysteries of literature. This picture is the first medium I have seen with such expression. How creative! I love the idea of utilizing writing in this way. This form would definitely spark interest in the classroom! It is engaging and allows students to imagine endlessly.

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