Open Post #2

Another open post! More to share! When I am struggling to write for a post, sometimes I will make an A to Z list or just a listicle.  It just makes the writing more manageable. Another thing that I do is take nature pictures that help me have content for my blog. I don’t like writing poetry. It takes too much time.  Although I spend probably as much time composing my post, it just feel harder to write a poem.

I give you my top three ways to enjoy a spring in Florida in the winter.

3.  Pancakes at Deleon Springs  Not the prettiest spring! More like an enclosed concrete swimming pool. But if you like pancakes, it’s worth the wait!  You make your pancakes on the table-top griddle with the all-you-can-eat pourable batter. I do not eat pancakes, but my daughter and husband can vouch for them.  They also have vegan and gluten-free options as well.  It is worth the wait with a walk in the woods.

2.  Manatees at Blue Springs  When the water temperature drops below 68 degrees (don’t quote me here), the manatees head for the refuge of the springs.  Typically, you can enjoy an early morning viewing and then in the afternoon, swim in the spring.  It gets crowded early on weekends!

2014 063

Another spring that I failed to mention, Weeki Wachee.

1.  Rock Springs at Kelly Park  A swim here in the afternoon or an overnight camping stay where you can swim in the spring with no one else around in the early am.  This park gets full in the spring and summer so winter and fall are your best bets.  When the air temperature is just right, the spring feels warmer although it’s at at 72 degree constant temperature year round.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Florida winter day?

As always, I look forward to your words!



42 thoughts on “Open Post #2

  1. Hi Dr. Scanlon…Thank you for the awesome local recommendations. I am still fairly new to the Orlando area, so it was very interesting to read about how to spend winter here. 🙂 I have only been to one spring in florida; Cypress Springs in Vernon. I visited this spring about 11 years ago, and it seemed at the time, a hidden secret, as my friend mentioned there was a spring next to her house. We took a small boat through a narrow channel to get there. Once we arrived, I had never seen anything like it before. The water was amazingly clear and had this beautiful tone of blue to it. The depth/narrowness of the spring hole was both breathtaking and scary at the same time to explore. Once we jumped in, it was freezing! Ice cold water, cold enough my friend’s dad threw a watermelon in the spring to chill it. We were the only ones enjoying the spring. It was a memorable time. Thank you for bringing it back through your post!

    • I love reading about local springs! I usually always go to Rock Springs with my family. It’s so beautiful there and the layout is just perfect. Last time we went, we had just hopped off our tubes and were walking to the dock when we saw an alligator (probably three feet in length) sun-bathing on a rock. Now whenever I go, I’m constantly on the lookout!

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