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Spring into Writing

Spring Into Writing An Original Illustration by Daryl Fefee

In teaching we are always works-in-progress.  Once we leave college we continue to grown in a variety of ways.  Most days your classroom and your students are your best instructors.  Professional development, perhaps sometimes foisted upon you, will be also be a part of that.  You do need to widen your net, which is where your self-selected learning where you make choices will be what will ignite and sustain your work.  Your most powerful asset will be to foster your PLN or Personal/Professional Learning Network- a network of teachers virtually and face-to-face to help you refine your practice.   As part of developing that, our post is about our lit circle reading.

The format here is yours- you can use respond in your words or use a digital tools to present what your readers/PLN need to know.  Here are some samples from previous students.  For examples, check out Jan’s, Jacky’s, Ketsia’s, Bethany’sEmily’s,  Cindy’s, or  Ashley’s.When I read about what I read, I share memorable lines, strategies to try, resources to check out and questions I still have.

Remember to keep the learning going, choose to comment on someone’s book blog whose title was different than yours.  (Post your title in our comments so we can easily make the choice.)


24 thoughts on “What I’ve Read

  1. Here’s my book review post. I read Teaching Arguments by Jennifer Fletcher (the red, white, and black book).
    P.S. Some of the text in my article is highlighted in white. I don’t know why and I couldn’t fix it. 😦

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