Post #3: Open

Hopefully you found that the open post last week wasn’t too stressful as we have another!  Again they are my favorite to read!  One thing you might consider is to ask a question of your reader at the end of your post in order to get specific feedback or get their general input. I have included one of my favorite ed-spiration images by one of my favorite educators, Sylvia Duckworth.  Her sketchnote below describes some of the reasons I like to let student do open posts. The process of  Sketchnoting is one of the strategies I am learning in order to stretch myself and eventually my students.  I am not an artist believe me!  My fixed mindset about my skills as an artist are holding me back from the process.


What are your creative outlets?


25 thoughts on “Post #3: Open

    • If you are reading this post, I am encouraging you to leave some comments for Jasmin as she now has comments enabled on her blog after much tenacity figuring out how weebly works. I like how she is using the photo essay format on her posts.

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