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What do you write when you have unlimited options?  Do you even have to write? I am sure these are the questions running through your head.  I found that open posts are my favorite to read.  My students never fail to surprise me and I find that I am able to learn more about them that the classroom suppresses.  Are you a poet? An Artist? A Fashionista? A cook? A Photographer? A Musician?  Open posts are your opportunities to showcase your passion and your hidden talents!  I like to use listicles in my posts. Below are my top five things to do in central Florida this spring.

  1. Pick strawberries at Pappy’s in Oviedo.  It is $3.00 a pound, but they are better than any you will buy.
  2.  Spring hop!  Head out after school on a sunny afternoon or during your spring break.  My favorite that is close by is Rock Springs @ Kelly Park.    If you don’t get here IMG_0406 (1).JPGearly on the weekend, you are shut out.  If you are in for a day trip, Rainbow Springs.
  3. Kayak or cruise around the historic chain of lakes in Winter Park.
  4. Read Before His Time by Ben Green or Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands by Susan McCarthy and then visit the Harry T. Moore Center.
  5. Pancakes at DeLeon Springs.  Not my favorite spring, but a college-budget friendly all-you-can-make-&-eat pancake place aka the Sugar Mill Restaurant. Honestly I don’t eat pancakes, but it is well worth the visit for those of you who do. Spring is the best time as there is no AC.  (Gluten-free and vegan options available too)  You can swim while you wait.

I look forward to reading your open posts!  What is on your spring to-do list aside from school and work?



30 thoughts on “Open Post

  1. That spring list sounds like fun. My spring involves is jam packed with responsibilities, so I plan on having fun and relaxing over the summer before I have to start Internship II.

    Here is my open post for the week.

  2. I have actually had the chance to do all but one on your list (#4). All of them are so enjoyable and perfect day trips! I wouldn’t mind doing some of them again this spring myself, especially strawberry picking (I’ve been begging my boyfriend to go with me for the past like two years, so maybe this year it will actually happen!?). Here is the link to my second blog post!

  3. I definitely will be adding some of those to my TO-DO list! Sounds like Date-Days waiting to happen!
    Here’s my open post! I did a spin-off on yours about spring! enjoy!

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