Spring into Writing

Welcome to our springBethPHone12_23_15 321 blogging assignment!

My blogging journey began on March 2011 when I created my blog site.  I didn’t, however, write on it for a year.   A year later, March 2012, a friend challenged me to  join the Slice of Life Daily Writing Challenge After completing 31 days straight of blogging and commenting on three other bloggers, I decided that I need incorporate blogging into my instruction.  I collaborated with my critical teaching friend and a dean to create a two week blogging challenge for our ninth graders.   I then expanded the practice to my graduate students and then to my undergraduate students, which explains why you are reading this now.   The good new is that you aren’t the first group of students to step up to this challenge.  I do, however, acknowledge that each community of writers who participates in the challenge is unique and helps me understand the process even more.

Your challenge this spring is to create and maintain a blog and participate in our digital writing community.  Our work is to uncover the power of digital writing, and a virtual writing community as well as figure out how this could work with your future students.    Your challenge is to set aside the time to write. Your challenge will be letting go of finding the perfect words and crafting the perfectly composed piece.  Your challenge will committing to responding to others.

For your 1st post, craft a brief introduction.  You can use images or video to introduce yourself.  Check out these former students’ intro posts to garner inspiration.

So this week, create your blog, write your introduction, and link up!

If you don’t know where to start, check out these posts by former students:

Audra or Alex or Cindy or Brian or Catherine or Embree or Daniel or Ally


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