Final Reflection



If you are reading this, you survived this semester!  Cheers!  Sometimes the work is can be so overwhelming that we must stop and celebrate the small wins.   Your final blogging task is reflect upon your experience as a writer, a responder, and an accountability partner.  Some of you are reading this post and feeling that you didn’t quite complete the task.  If you are feeling that way, check out my friend’s post on Learning from Failure before you begin to reflect.

No matter your quantity, you need to think about your journey. It was a act of bravery to put your words on the digital page.  It was a risk to participate in this community.

Consider these questions as you write your final post:

  • What did you learn about yourself as a writer?
  • What did you learn about digital writing or being a member of a digital writing community?
  • What lessons can you take to your classroom or share with future teachers about integrating blogging into instruction?
  • Challenges?
  • Successes?

Be sure to fill out this Form to tell me about the grade you deserve and why.

Also respond to two others and then consider your work done for this class!

Remember, however, that in our journey as teachers our learning is never done! I am so proud of your digital work!

Keep reading & writing!



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