Book Reflection

teaching-argumentsWe may have not discussed your book as much as you liked, but unless you join a professional book club or work with a community of people who read professionally, you may be working through the thinking about your reading alone often.  I did hear powerful conversations during our quotation mingle. For our second-to- last post, I am wondering about what you learned from reading your second book?

Not everyone in the room chose the same book and not everyone in your professional life will be reading (sad, but true, and for many real reasons).  9780325026749For your book post, share what nonreaders of this text missed.  Tell your colleagues and peers what they  need to know in order to improve their instructional practice.  Learning about teaching never stops.  Convey the big ideas, memorable quotes, teaching strategies,  AHAs, or even questions.  You can present your learning from the book in many different mediums through writing or with any of the tech tools that we have tried out. What do we need to know?

51m7yj4tn5l-_sx258_bo1204203200_For this post, try to comment on  2 posts from people who read the books you did not!

For examples, check out Jan’s, Jacky’s, Ketsia’s, Reina’s, Bethany’s  Emily’s post or or Cindy’s.  Here is another to check out, Elizabeth’s. and this one.

I look forward to reading about what you learned!






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