You’ve made it this far!  Congrats for your tenacity!  In teaching and in life, it matters!  I’ve enjoyed the journey with you!  It is time for your to look back on your digital writing journey and reflect and evaluate yourself.  Remember whether you’ve made every step in our digital writing marathon or fell short, the learning still happened, learning about yourself, about writing, or about your membership in a digital community.

Remember that this assignment is about the journey and what you learned on the way! You made it!  No matter how you got here, you have arrived!  Congrats!

First respond to the reflection questions on your blog and do the requisite commenting. Brevity is best here!  Consider:

  • What you learned about yourself as a writer?
  • What you learned about digital writing?
  • What lessons you can take to classroom or share with future teachers about integrating blogging into instruction?
  • Challenges? Successes

Next, fill out the google form to quantify your experience and share what you believe your blogging grade should be!  

I am proud of the work all of you have done! Be sure to link up!



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