Tech Creation!

You have navigated the terrain of tech tools! It is now your turn to create, to make!  There was something that caught your eye, something you wanted to learn a little more about! Make something for this assignment and post it on your blog.   Create an infographic, a PowToon, a Kahoot, a Meme, or whatever you decide!  It is up to you! Make something that you can use with your future students!  Link it up on your blog!  I made my first Powtoon today!  I have been wanting to make one for about a year since I discovered it.  I used a template.  It isn’t pretty, but I learned this basics!  I think I even learned the basics of embedding code in my blog today.

Check my Powtoon out here:

Beth from Elizabeth Scanlon on Vimeo.

In the past, I’ve made an infographic based on this assignment.  I’ve also made a quote card.  I’ve used canva to make digital posters.  Teach yourself something new.  Happy Making!

liveinthesunshine0aswiminthesea0adrinkinthewildair0a-ralphwaldoemerson0a-default Sci-Fi for Strong Girlz (1)


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