Sci-Fi for Strong Girlz (1)

Your challenge this week is to make something new-to-you using technology!  You’ve made a blog!  Embree has made videos and a meal each week.  My photographers have many images they can use.  But try something new!  Make a meme, a prezi, a screencast, an infographic.  Just sit down and figure out how to use a new tool.  A Piktochart is something that I have used this challenge to create. I am going to work on a NearPod or doing something with Canva.  The question you should think about is what tool do I want to learn that I could then teach or use it with my students.  If you saw something that you liked during our tech exploration or you have a specific task you want to do. Here is a link from  Troy Hicks to explore and pick something.


23 thoughts on “Create!

    There’s a good 30 meals I’ve collected and consolidated here using the BeFunky collage creator. I really wish I had used this resource before, because I am very pleased with how these collages came out, and the other picture I made on the site. Worth checking out for any photo/picture editing purposes. I’ll be using it again because it is simple and efficient, and better than smartphone apps that serve similar purposes.

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