Open Post #3

It was a big week with the last day of summer on Tuesday the 22nd and the first day of fall of Wednesday, the 23rd.  Too many Florida the change is barely discernible just a blip on the calendar.  Your writers may grow at that rate too. The careful paying attention to the small things—cooler air temp in the wee hours, dryer days, and less afternoon sunbeam intensity, or word choice, sentences length, and just the ability to sit still and write for one more minute.  All of these lead to change. Remember real lasting change take time! Enjoy the freedom of the open post and the words of your peers!


33 thoughts on “Open Post #3

    • It is so true that we never know what anyone is going through at any moment in time…your gesture was amazing! Most people may had assumed that if they were in vacation they should be happy enough, but never stop to think how hard was for them to get there? how many sacrifices they might had gone through to make that vacation a reality… she probably looked at that room, but knew she couldn’t afford it…what an awesome feeling to know that there are people up there who still cares….thanks for sharing your story.

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