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1922345_10203465044413939_110289796_nIt looks like almost everyone found their way creating a blog and linking up!  Congrats! Getting started always seems to be the hardest part of most tasks! Remember that you will post the comments to others on their blog, not within the body of the comments on this post.

An open post can be a challenge for some. Others relish the freedom. You can write or post literally anything for our work this week.  In the past students have posted about food, fashion, photography, life, and teaching or have shared poetry, short stories, and reviews about music, books, and show.  In Hick’s Digital Writing Workshop, he likens blogging to a space to draft writing and get feedback. It may seem counter-intuitive to some because digital writing via blogging is a permanent, public space.  No matter where you lie on the “open-post” spectrum, I look forward to your words or works this week!


30 thoughts on “Open Post

    • Hi Jose I’m so glad things worked out for the best, I was looking forward to read this 2nd part of the story ..Lol
      I wont be coming back to class, but I probably will continue reading some of the post every now and then…it was nice meeting you and the rest of the class…I wish you and them a very good future as teachers…the path of life may place us in the same road again someday…good luck 🙂 and take care…
      P/s thanks for sharing the story it was aspirational…by the way …your mom is awesome! 🙂

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