Fall Into Digital Writing!

IMG_2270Welcome to the Fall 2015 digital writing component of our class!  Your first task is to create your blog, write an intro to yourself, and link up via the comments below.  You will use the comments section to find your classmates’ blogs to give them feedback.  What do you want your readers to know about you? What is the purpose of your blog?  I created my blog in 2011 and wrote one entry.  I then didn’t write for an entire year!  Fortunately, my friend and I decided to do the Slice of Life blogging challenge in March and I wrote every day. From my experience I added blogging as a component of my English I class for freshmen. They loved it!  I then gradually added blogging as a component of this class. I started small. First with graduate students and then with undergraduates. No matter the students, each time I blog with my students, I learn about the digital writing process as do they! If you want some inspiration about what to do for this first post, check out the links in the comments on these two posts.  Check out Introduction or Tell Us About You! I look forward to learning with you on our digital writing journey this semester!


49 thoughts on “Fall Into Digital Writing!

    • Casey! I too have wondered about the use of blogging in a classroom setting and just how efficient it can be for students. So i’m so looking forward to how we as guinea pigs are going to succeed (or fail) at this task. I like your idea of quick morning poems, it’s something I will try myself! Thanks for the new idea.

    • Hi Sami!
      I think its awesome that you are going to use your blog to do something other than writing. Writing and pictures are both about the arts. I feel that both intertwine together and will make a great blog! Can’t wait to see all your posts

      Brittany Gerst

    • Hello Embree,
      I also love fishing, and how it works my patience. I was actually in Sebastian Inlet this weekend, but it was jelly fish season, so it was terrible. I can’t wait to see some of your videos, I actually love cooking myself. The only part I don’t like is that, I start tasting the food, and when is all set and done I’ll be full.

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