The Grande Finale!

Whether you raced to the finished line or limped across it this semester, you have made it!  For most, this is the final task for this class aside from coming to class on Wednesday, April 29th!  You need to respond to the reflection questions listed below via your blog and do the requisite commenting.  You also need to fill out the google form to quantify your experience and share what you believe your blogging grade should be!

If you are worried about not completing the entire blogging component, check out my colleague’s slice about her blogging failure before you complete your reflection.

Questions to Consider for your Reflective Post:

  • What did you learn about yourself as a writer?
  • What did you learn about digital writing?
  • What lessons can you take to classroom or share with future teachers about integrating blogging into instruction?
  • Challenges?
  • Successes?

I am proud of the work all of you have done!


26 thoughts on “The Grande Finale!

    • I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t blog consistently on my own! But you are right. Because out generation is so dependent on computers now, it should be used more often if it isn’t being used a lot already. I just often feel like unless it is on a formal blog like this, most electronic writing such as Facebook and twitter is quite mindless at times. But this WordPress site is a great way to write real pieces, and share works with other avid digital bloggers.

    • I never have blogged before, but I think it is really cool that you use to blog on your own before this class. I hope that you keep up with it after this class ends as well. But you are right, its great to be able to get immediate feedback from people.

    • I loved your comment about students losing their work. I agree that an online blog can be a very valuable resource for us and for students as well. By blogging online, we eliminate the weight of paper and ink and the possibility to lose those things.

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