Almost There!

If you are here, you are almost done! Not everyone read your book!  Your challenge is to convey the important ideas about your lit circle book in your post. I like to include Golden Lines , which are quotes that I want to remember.  Teaching strategies inspired by your text are great to share.  I also like to share my AHAs, the big ideas that are circling in my head about text as well as any questions that I want to explore or were unanswered. You should also try to comment on at least 2 posts from people who read the book that you did not! I am working on Hicks’ next book, Crafting Digital Writing.  It goes a little bit deeper into composing across media and genres.   If you didn’t read Hicks’ book or did and want to learn more, check out his Digital Writing wikispace: Hillocks doesn’t have a web presence like Hicks, but a quick google search will help you find ample resources such as the Book of Bad Arguments:

For examples, check out Zach’s post here or Julie’s  or Sara’s.


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