Spring 2015 Open Post #2

photo 3 (3)On my personal blog, I participate in Two Writing Teachers’ March Slice of Life daily Story Challenge, which really means that for 31 days in a row I have to come up with an “Open Post” rather than once a week.  I struggle with that as do others.   I am playing with a couple of different ways to post each day. I have come up with Wednesdays- Eye Spy to document pictures throughout my week since it is my long day and I really don’t have much energy left to write.  The Sunday-Seven List to recount 7 experiences that I am grateful for from the preceding week.  Saturday- an “In the wild of Orlando” documenting an unDisney experience for visitors and locals and on Fridays–an infographic related to reading to practicing my skills at building infographics.   I am always surprised at what posts resonate most with readers and what they leave comments for and about.  With your open post, try something new or share a piece that you want some feedback for.


33 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Open Post #2

    • You do you. Whatever floats your sugar boat. Life isn’t sweet, but I am glad you are finding ways to make it pleasurable and palatable. You have a strong sense of direction and a positive outlook, and I enjoy it. Keep working on finding those memories, those times you can dedicate to yourself and loved ones. Going through a similar busy schedule, I understand how challenging that can be, but also how important. Thank you for sharing, it was a pleasure reading.

    • The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone! A lot of us have to also deal with the tedious day in and day out responsibilities of college life. But it is good, however, that you are able to realize that you have so much to be happy for. I do think that you should try and find some more time just for yourself. I know you said you don’t drink or party, but there are a lot other ways just to let off steam! Cool blog by the way!

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