Technology in the Classroom?

Recently I read an article in the New York Times which revealed that many of the major creators of tech really limited their children’s screen time. We have one TV and one computer in my house, but screens seem pervasive in our world.  My high school students are consumers of tech, but don’t know how to use it intentionally for academics. Part of my work is helping them develop a positive digital footprint and learn how to use tools that to learn and create in our English language arts classroom and beyond.  The tools that I have shared are ones that are free and I have used.  They are mostly web-based.  True, there are many wonderful apps and I haven’t used them with students due to the tech resources at my school.  Also most students can always reach a website on a tool that they have.  I typically try to teach myself one tool at a time with small groups of students.  You will find so many tools out there you can be overwhelmed.  I choose what looks most interesting to me first and practice it for about 3-4 months. I think it is better to know how to use a few tools well, because you never want the tool to supersede the instruction.  Enjoy the exploration! I look forward to reading your thoughts! Here is your starting place!  Tech Tools!


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