Introductory Post

This fall marks my 8th year of teaching this course at UCF and my second year blogging.  I first created a blog in 2011 and I wrote only one post. My blog lingered in virtual space for an entire year until my best teacher-friend Lee Ann Spillane asked me to do the Slice of Life month-long challenge with her.  In I leaped.  The SOLC challenge exponentially transformed my understanding of blogging.  I have personally finished 3 SOLC month-long challenges. After that first experience, I begin to tentatively blog with students. I  then hosted a two week challenge with Lee Ann where 120 of our  freshmen and our dean blogged and gave feedback to each other daily.  I challenged graduate students to blog with me in the next SOLC challenge in 2013.  Since then I have modified the assignment for my college students and have continued to change it as I learn more about the process from each group of students with whom I write.  Which is were I am with you today!  I know that students transform into creators rather than consumers when we allow digital writing in our classrooms.  They have an audience that extends beyond your classroom walls. There are other challenges to consider as we navigate our way through digital writing this semester and I am looking forward to exploring the issues with you.

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