Our Blogging Adventure: Open Post #3

Are you a poet? A songwriter? A scribbler of dreams?  An open post is just an opportunity to write about whatever is on your mind or to share a piece of writing that you would like feedback from others.  It can take shape as a photo-essay, a list, or any other format that you want to try! Enjoy each other’s words! 



44 thoughts on “Our Blogging Adventure: Open Post #3

    • For some reasons, I can’t comment on your tumblr this week! I think we(teachers) should capitalize on fan fiction and other literacies that students engage in outside of school. I love fanfiction and how students can carry forward the stories they love.

    • Wanted to respond to both of your posts. You need to enable comments on your WordPress. Thanks for the freebie secrets! Managing a chronic disease, especially like Crohn’s is challenging ! Good work doing so!

    • Hi- Last week, I was able to write on your wikispace as a member of wiki. This week I had to request permission. Let’s figure this out. I love the course of your writing journey. I don’t think that you have to own the stigma of poetry rules.

    • Awww Miracle! I loved your post for this week. I was feeling kind of meh :/ today, but when I saw the picture and read your caption it really made me smile and reminded me of how great I am and how awesome life can be. 🙂

      Bernice Rivera

    • Bernice- I like the cliffhanger. Still can’t figure out how to comment. I appreciate the time that you took after class to figure it out! We need Jorge’s help.

    • Great poem Chelsey Smith! I was able to connect with all of the feelings in your poem. I remember feeling like this when I went through a break up with my four year boyfriend. I hated him so much, but at the same time I still loved him. All I wanted was all the feelings to go away. Great job. 🙂

      Bernice Rivera

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