I am excited about our digital writing journey that we are taking together this spring.  I wasn’t always open to technology and its use in an English language arts classroom until 2007 when I was selected to participate in the ITARI grant. I received a MAC book, extensive training on audio and visual production tools and access to a mobile MAC lab for my ESOL students.  Although I prefer paper over plastic, through my work with technology and students I understand the value of both.  Students still need quiet spaces to read and write, but they also need to develop their digital footprint and have access to an audience that is larger than your classroom.  I also understand that students use technology for entertainment purposes, but they need help understanding how to use well for communication and creation. 

Although I have worked with my high school students and my graduate students on blogging projects, this time is a first for me because this is the most extensive project that I have embarked upon due to the length and number of students.  My challenge will be to respond to each of you in ways that will help you grow as teachers, writers and learners.  I have also challenged myself as a learner by trying WordPress out rather than using Blogger with which I am familiar. There will be bumps in this process, but we will learn together and overcome them together. Please pardon the errors. More often than not I look closely and read my posts over several times to avoid them, but they still happen.

Post your introductory link by Tuesday, February 4th in the comments section below.

To learn more about why I adjunct at UCF, read here on page 15.


42 thoughts on “Introduction

    • Tacy,
      Nice intro. I am not a city girl like you are, but I do love the fact that your from a whole other state! interesting and simple introduction. I also hope to teach at university level one day.

      -Vannie Salazar

    • Five siblings! That incredible. I only have two brothers, but I always wanted to have more siblings. I think a big family would be fun. My whole family is from New York so I was raised a Yankee fan. So sorry if you are a Red Sox fan :P. It sounds like you have a great future ahead!

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